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What is Risk Assist® and why was it created?

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Current global challenges require a different mindset. While today’s global markets have their share of traditional risks, the potential for a catastrophic market downturn remains. Given this environment, you need to be prepared to manage not only your clients’ investments, but their emotional responses to market conditions.


Given this backdrop, our innovative team has developed goals-based investment strategies designed to help your clients gain, protect, and spend wealth according to their goals.



a risk mitigation strategy rooted in modern financial engineering and academic research

We have taken the time to research and understand risk mitigation.  Watch our webinar to the right to learn why you should consider a risk mitigation strategy for your clients and how Risk Assist® works . Click below to download the webinar.



How does it work?


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Our Risk Assist® video reviews the strategy so that advisors can empower their clients. To watch click to download below.

This resource takes a closer look into our engineering and research of Risk Assist®. To learn more click to download below.

If Risk Assist® interests you, and you would like to learn more details, click below to schedule a call that works best for you.

Graphics presented herein are for illustrative purposes only. Contact us for information about the performance of accounts using Risk Assist®.


Risk Assist® is NOT A GUARANTEE against loss or declines in the value of your portfolio; it is an investment strategy that supplements a more traditional strategy by periodically investing assets in a portfolio of fixed income securities based on Horizon Investments’ view of market conditions.


Asset allocation models are subject to general market risk and risks related to currency fluctuations and economic conditions. Future returns are not guaranteed, and a loss of original capital may occur.


Accounts with Risk Assist® are not fully protected against all loss. Furthermore, when Risk Assist® is deployed (whether partially or entirely) to mitigate risk for an account, the account will not be fully invested in its original strategy, and accordingly during periods of strong market growth the account may underperform accounts that do not have the Risk Assist® feature. Clients may lose money.

Horizon Investments makes no predictions, representations, or warranties herein as to the future performance of any portfolio. Past performance is never a guarantee of future results. There may be economic times where all investments are unfavorable and depreciate in value.


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Easy-to-use Tool

A new on-line tool designed for financial advisors to help simplify Risk Mitigation.